To Protect and Defend

Blankenhorn, Carpenter, DiIulio, et al., The American Interest, 7/04/2016

A Letter to Trump Supporters

Moderate and Mad as Hell

Steven Merritt Seibert, 6/21/2016

Is there such a person as an angry moderate Centrist? We do not take to the streets and our ideas do not translate easily to bumper stickers. But I admit I am angry.

Why Polarization Matters

David Blankenhorn, The American Interest, 12/22/2015

Polarization is more our problem than our politicians’. The success of the nation requires that we, the people, overcome it.

Overcoming the Blindness that Is Disabling Our Politics

David Blankenhorn, The Deseret News, 10/12/2015

A blindness is disabling our politics and impairing our society. Every day it’s making us angrier with one another and putting us collectively more and more in the dark, where we can’t see each other clearly. The name of that blindness is polarization.

Avoid “Selective Empathy” and “Feel Into” Both Sides

David Blankenhorn, The Deseret News, 1/09/2015

A common belief is society is divided into two mutually incompatible groups—the group of me and those like me who stand for truth and justice, and those not like me who stand for the opposite. It’s a wrong-headed way of seeing the world.