Bus Tour

Are we coming to your community? Find out how to help organize or participate.

Finding Common Ground in Ohio

Better Angels set out to southwestern Ohio to bring local Democrats and Republicans together for a weekend of discussion.

Coming Together in Virginia

At a time of increasing polarization and partisan hostility, Better Angels brought together 8 Democrats and 8 Republicans for a weekend of dialogue in Leesburg, VA. This is their story.

'Better Angels' Aim to Bridge National Political Divide

A national tour came to Vermont, hoping to reduce political polarization that can become mean-spirited.

How Americans can unify

David Blankenhorn tells Fareed Zakaria how his organization brings people together despite political differences.


Photo taken on April 23, 2017 by Raj Sirohi.


This Land We Love

A Message from Citizens Meeting in Waynesville, Ohio

“We say unanimously that real people are more complicated and appealing than the stereotypes we have of them.”

2. A Conversation with Lew Finfer


2. A Conversation with Lew Finfer

David welcomes Lew Finfer, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Community Action Network, to the Better Angels podcast, to talk about what community organizing really is, and what insights working a lifetime in blue collar communities brings to understanding the movement that brought President Trump to the White House.