Photo taken on April 23, 2017 by Raj Sirohi.

This Land We Love


A Message from Citizens Meeting in Waynesville, Ohio

“We say unanimously that real people are more complicated and appealing than the stereotypes we have of them.”

Post-Election Healing

David Blankenhorn, Noha Eyada, David Lapp, and Willard Spicer, 2/18/2017

How Clinton and Trump supporters came to agreement after a divisive election.

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Listening to Trump Voters

David Blankenhorn, The American Interest, 8/02/2016

The commentariat spends a lot of time talking about Donald Trump—time that might be better spent listening to the people who are voting for him.

Why Polarization Matters

David Blankenhorn, The American Interest, 12/22/2015

Polarization is more our problem than our politicians’. The success of the nation requires that we, the people, overcome it.

Avoid “Selective Empathy” and “Feel Into” Both Sides

David Blankenhorn, The Deseret News, 1/09/2015

A common belief is society is divided into two mutually incompatible groups—the group of me and those like me who stand for truth and justice, and those not like me who stand for the opposite. It’s a wrong-headed way of seeing the world.