One America Fall Tour

Starting in November, Better Angels will be traveling around the country holding workshops to bring liberals and conservatives together, teach skills for talking across the political divide, and train folks to moderate their own workshops. Take a look at the tentative schedule below to see if we’re coming to your community.

Tentative fall tour schedule

  • Nov. 2-5: Washington, DC
  • Nov. 6-14: North Carolina
  • Nov. 15-16: Jackson, Tennessee
  • Nov. 17-18: Nashville, Tennessee

We invite you to help us rebuild American citizenship and get involved in the One America Fall Tour. There are three ways you can get involved.

  1. Help organize a Community Workshop

Each Community Workshop is organized by a red and blue co-organizer, or a team of red and blue co-organizers. The responsibilities of a co-organizer is to help recruit a group of about 14-16 participants in approximately equal numbers of reds and blues. Co-organizers will also recruit with the Better Angels Rule in mind:

We are red and blue together in approximately equal numbers; and we are upscale and grassroots, and of different colors, such that our organization looks like the country we seek to serve.

Co-organizers are also responsible for securing a venue and providing food and drinks. (A modest budget is available if necessary.)

There are three iterations of the Community Workshop: six-hour daylong (typically on Saturdays), three-hour (typically a weekday evening), back-to-back three-hour evenings (typically weekday evenings).

Community Workshops will be held in each of the fall tour stops (see schedule above).

To help organize a Community Workshop, please email

  1. Get trained to lead a Community Workshop

Five of our workshops during the fall tour will be dedicated to training Workshop leaders (“citizen moderators” and “citizen instructors”) so that this entire initiative can be scaled and dramatically expanded starting in early 2018.

If you’d like to get trained as a Better Angels Citizen Moderator or Citizen Instructor—and you think you’re qualified—please review the guidelines and submit an application at this link:

The moderator role is for people with experience facilitating groups; the instructor role is for people with experience doing public presentations and conducting experiential education workshops.

Fall trainings:

  • Friday, November 2nd and 3rd in Washington, DC
  • Friday, November 10th in Durham, North Carolina
  • Friday, November 17th in Nashville, Tennessee

If you’d like to apply to be trained as a moderator, please visit

  1. Participate in a Community Workshop

Each Community Workshop includes about 14-16 reds and blues. Community Workshops will be held in each of the fall tour stops (see schedule above), but space is limited. If you’d like to participate as a red or blue participant, please email