Apply to Be a Better Angels Moderator!

The Better Angels Red/Blue Workshop, which runs either three hours or six hours in length, is for groups of about 14 people, half leaning Republican and half leaning Democrat. The goals are to move past stereotypes, create mutual understanding, recognize common ground, and encourage future collaboration in local Better Angels Alliances. The red/blue moderator role is for people with a good deal of experience facilitating groups.

The Better Angels Skills Workshop is a 2.5 hour event in which community members learn how to communicate better with friends and loved ones who differ from them politically. Participants can be all reds, all blues, or a combination of both. The skills instructor role is for people with experience doing public presentations and conducting experiential education workshops.

Better Angels will be training qualified individuals to lead these workshops, starting with three free, one-day trainings on our Fall Bus Tour. Each training will run from 9am – 4:30pm and be led by Bill Doherty, a long-time family therapist and group process leader from the University of Minnesota, who has been the main designer of the Better Angels workshops. Watch this video to hear Bill Doherty and Better Angels President David Blankenhorn explain our mission.

Fall Trainings:

  • Friday, November 3rd in Washington, D.C.
  • Friday, November 10th in Durham, NC
  • Friday, November 17th in Nashville, TN

Leading a Better Angels workshop is a key way to become a leader in our movement, and spread our work across the nation. You can now apply to attend one of these trainings to become a Citizen Moderator (certified to lead a Red/Blue workshop), a Citizen Instructor (certified to lead a skills workshop) — or both! Once you’re trained up, you’ll be able to lead these workshops across the country and help us build our alliances.

The trainings are free, but participants will be responsible for covering their own travel. If you can’t make one of these sessions, you can still apply to be informed about future ones. We will approve applications until we fill the available spaces and we encourage applying soon.